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Hydrangeas, Hydrangeas, Hydrangeas!!!

Tis' the season for Hydrangeas and I am loving it.

Dmacrophylla Lemon Daddy pp17660 Love this one! photo from​

My grandson Teo is learning the way to my heart. ​I just loooove when he wants to gather flowers.​

For the DIY Hydrangeas can be rooted in water, but don't dillydally do it first thing in the morning with a sharp knife. Check site for great details on growing your own.​

Great Garden Plants. FIRST ever Pink Flowering Annabelle Thanks for sharing Chris Hansen

According to the Wikipedia and University of Georgias website they are originally native to Asia. Most are shrubs, and some our trees, I am blessed to have seven trees. When most people hear the word “hydrangea,” they visualize Hydrangea macrophylla, or Bigleaf Hydrangea. This is the traditional hydrangea with the large puffball type of bloom in shades of blue or pink (color is dictated by the pH of the soil). However, there are many types of hydrangea, some more popular and appropriate to our gardens than others.

I wish I had them all. One day.

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